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wet type peanut peeling machine

About wet type peanut peeling machine

Wet type peanut peeling method is quite different from dry type peeling which needs roasted or dried peanuts. It is to peel soaked or immersed peanuts,almonds,soybeans,mung beans and broad beans. It can work either independently or be matched with fried peanuts production line. The unique residue separation device ensures clean and integral peanut kernels.

Wet type peanut peeling machine features

☆Multifunctional.Popular in preparation of many peanut products such as fried peanuts,seasoned peanuts,peanut pastry,peanut candies,peanut milk and Chinese rice pudding, etc.
☆The peeling rate of over 96%, high peanuts kernel quality.
☆High integral rate,original nutrition is preserved.
☆Peeling and separating of peanuts and coats automatically.
☆Small in size, energy saving and high efficiency.
☆Reasonable design and stainless steel material.

peanut kernel

How to soak peanuts

Soaking procedure and time play quite significant role in peeling wet peanuts. It is proved that the best soaked procedure and time are in this way: soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, then hot water for 0.5-1 minute. Soaked peanuts in this stage are cold inside and hot outside and moisture content is perfect. The outside coat is puffed due to hot water and tends to come off, thus peeling is a piece of cake!

peanut butter

After soaked in hot water, warm water should be taken with to peeling machine to avoid its drying or cooling.

Before peeling wet peanuts--

Screening peanuts and adjusting machine. Peanuts screening is so important that we can ensure peanuts size as uniform as possible. Besides, we should adjust peeling rollers space according to peanuts size. Generally speaking, the rollers space should be 2-3 mm less than peanuts diameter.

Wet type peanut peeling machine parameters

Model Output Peeling rate

Peanut Integral rate

Separation rate

Power Dimension



﹥ 96% ﹥ 85%

﹥ 98%

0.55 kw


ALWPP-200 180-220kg/h ﹥ 96% ﹥ 85% ﹥ 98% 0.75kw



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