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nut roasting machine

Nut roaster machine introduction

Nut roaster machines is an ideal roasting device and can roast a wide range of nuts like peanut,chestnut,walnut,almond nut,broad bean,coffee bean,sunflower seed and other granulate nuts. It is popular among supermarkets,bazaar,station and many other sites where people gather around.

Nut roaster machine structure

It is composed of upper feeder,discharging hole,machine rack,warming cotton,inner cylinder body, speed reducer,electricity controlling box and driving equipment. Clockwise moving is roasting evenly and the opposite direction is discharging.

roasted peanuts

Nut roaster working principle

Nut roaster is powered by coal ( electricity, oil, gas or infrared ray) and works in the principle of heat radiation conduction. During roasting, the food has no contact with smoke or fire and is driven by spiral flights to roll continuously. The heating is distributed averagely which ensures good roasting quality and color.

Nut roaster features

▷Average heating and can keep food warm, no operator to turn. 
        ▷High roasting efficiency, various output choices from 80-650kg.


     ▷Convenient operation, just press switchs on the electricity box.
                         ▷Labor and energy saving, sanitary and hygiene.

How to maintain nut roaster machine

☞Periodically oil the motor and bearings.
☞Check the electrical circuit and line to avoid sudden break.
☞Adjust the space room between rotating drum and plate to the exact 2mm for normal use.

Nut roaster technical data

Model Dimension Output


Electricity Gas




1.1kw 18kw 0.9-2kg
MHK—2 3000*2200*1700mm


2.2kw 35kw 1.8-3kg
MHK—3 3000*3300*1700mm


3.3kw 45kw 2.6-4kg
MHK—4 3000*4400*1700mm


4.4kw 60kw 4-6kg
MHK—5 3000*5500*1700mm 500-650kg/h 5.5kw 75kw



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