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peanut peeling machine

Why peeled peanut kernels popular

Peeled peanut kernels is one of the most common exporting peanut products since the investment forms are flexible, big and small both available; the equipment is various, either simple or advanced multifunction. For those town and township enterprises who want to process peanut products, peanut peeling machine is incontrovertible a nice investment to make profit.

Dry method peanut peeling machine introduction

Dry method peanut peeling machine is an advanced peanut peeling equipment for roasted or dry peanuts. It has wide application in preprocessing savory peanut products like peanut butter, peanut milk,peanut cakes, canned peanuts,pickle peanuts and Mixed congee,etc.

peanut milk

Dry peanut peeler machine features

◇Reasonable design, simple and stable operation.
◇Durable, high peeling rate and integrity of 98%.
◇High automation, complete from feeding to packing in one time.
◇Hygienic peeling, clean peanut kernels.

peanut candy

Dry peanut peeler machine working principle

Composed of peanut peeler and air draft sucking device, this dry method peanut peeler machine works in dry pneumatic principle. The moisture content in peanut kernels should be less than 5% after roasted or dried.Then a screen is ready to sieve peanut kernels and air draft system sucks red coats to get integral peanut kernels.

Dry peanut peeler machine technical data

Model Output Power Weight







ALDPP-300 300kg 0.2kw/220v 110kg


ALDPP-600 600kg 0.2kw/220v 160kg



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Product Name: Peanut Peeling Machine-Dry Type