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cashew peeling machine

Cashew Peeling Machine Introduction

Cashew peeling machine is specially applied to remove the inner thin skin from the dry or roasted cashew kernels efficiently and automatically with no damage. It adopts dry pneumatic principle, can also process soybean, pine cones, peanut and the other agricultural products with thin skin, and the materials need drying or roasting. It is with high peeling rate of 98% and low damage.

Cashew Peeling Machine Features

☆Pneumatic peeling principle, no water, no damage and no pollution.
☆ Low energy consumption and practical, adjusted to suit various sizes and hardness of cashew nuts.

peeled cashews

☆ Made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable to use.
☆ High peeling rate of 98%, low damage.      ☆ Easy to install and operate.
☆ Suitable for complete production line or working on single.

Cashew Peeling Machine Application

cashew nuts

Cashew peeling machine is widely used in nut processing industry and in the deep processing of agricultural products with thin skin, such as food processing plants, mine factory, army, school dining room, vegetables distribution center, farm produce fair markets and other processing units, or used by individuals.

Cashew Peeling Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power

Overall Dimension

Weight Frequency







ALCPM-300 250-300kg/h 0.2kw/220V


110kg 50Hz


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Product Name: Automatic Cashew Peeling Machine