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/cashew grading machine

Cashew Grading Machine Introduction

Cashew grading machine is used for grading or sorting the raw cashew nuts and classifying them into different sizes automatically with high efficiency. Usually, the cashew nuts will be sorted into four ranges according to the width: <21mm, 21-23mm, 21-25mm, >25mm. It is of high quality and easy operation and has no damage the cashew nuts, so it is a great choice for cashew processing plants, mainly used for the previous processing of cashew nut food.


Cashew Grading Machine Features

PLC intelligent control, high automation and efficiency, accurate sorting.
Made of durable material, good quality, low failure rate, long life.
Reliable performance and large capacity.
Low energy consumption and noise.

cashew nuts

Working alone or with fruit processing device.
It can be tailor-made according to the customer need.

Cashew Grading Machine Structures

This cashew grading machine is mainly composed of the transmission part, hierarchical part, the rack and some other components. There are different sizes of holes, different size cashew nuts will fall in to different holes.

Cashew Grading Machine Technical Specifications

Model Power Output


Dimension Weight



400-500 kg/h


3.6*1*1.6 m



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Product Name: Automatic Cashew Grading Machine