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cashew cook machine

Cashew Cooking Machine Introduction

Cashew cooking machine is specially designed for cooking or steaming cashew nuts automatically before shelling in order to make it easier for their shells to be separated from the kernels. This machine processes cashews through two heating methods: electric heating and steam heating. It can also be used to cook fish, rice, meat, ect. Because of the high quality of 200kg/h and easy operation, automatic cashew cooking machine is ideal equipment for cashew processing plants to process cashew nut food.

Cashew Cooking Machine Features

Automatic intelligent control, reliable performance high efficiency, energy saving.
Made of stainless steel material, in line with the food health standards, easy to clean, durable use.
Adjustable stewing temperature, according to the production requirements.
Two doors and 24 plates, large capacity of 200kg/h.
Simple and convenient to operate, saving labor.
Working independently or with fruit processing device.


How to Maintain Cashew Cooking Machine

When using this machine, the water or gas inlet should be checked to figure out it is unobstructed.
Choose one heating type:electric heating or steam heating at work.
External pressure shall not exceed the operating requirement. Electric heating pipe can’t drying burn when water is shortage.
In case of scaling, you can pour 5% citric acid solution into the tank, heat and boil for 15 minutes, soak for one hour, then boiling 15 minutes again, then the scale will be cleaned easily.
After using, you must cut steamed tank power, steam total intake valve should be closed .
If the machine breaks down, please ask professional electrical maintenance personnel to fix.

cashew nuts
Wide Application of Cashew Nuts
Cashew nut is endowed with rich nutrition and thus has enjoyed wide popularity. --Most cashew nuts are for cashew chocolate, cashew dessert and fried or salt coated snacks.
cashew nut can also produce cashew oil which is the first-grade edible oil, and cashew nut cakes are superior feed.
cashew nut liquid as a byproduct of cashew, can be applied to high grade paint,coloful film non-ferrous agent and synthetic rubber.
cashew apple is soft and juicy, can be eat as a fruit or made to wine,juice,jelly,jam,sweetmeat and pickles, etc.

Cashew Grading Machine Technical Specifications

Model Voltage Power


Weight Capacity Dimension


380V 18kw






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