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Poultry Slaughtering Line Introduction

poultry slaughtering line

Our poultry slaughter line can be used for the slaughtering of various kinds of poultry, such chicken, duck, goose and pigeon for meat. The poultry slaughter line adopts the technique of the manually assisted mechanical pipeline operation. Therefore, the quality of the products after processing meets the requirements of law about foodstuffs and hygiene as well as the standard of the exported commodity inspection.

Poultry Slaughtering Line Flowchart
Cage conveying→Hanging→electric stunning → bloodletting→ soaking & scalding → plucking → wax-immersion(duck and goose)→wax-cooling(duck and goose)→dewaxing(duck and goose)→neck cutting → feet removal→ evisceration→ carcass washing→ pre-cooling→ subdividing→ packing & warehousing

poultry slaughtering

Main Equipment of Poultry Slaughtering Line

Cage conveyor: Used for transporting cages, reliable working condition and resilient layout in length.
Cage cleaning machine: Used for cleaning and sterilizing cages, tunnel cleaning and sterilizing structure.
Overhead conveyor: transport poultry during killing, bleeding, scalding, plucking, immersion, dewaxing, viscerating, portioning, etc.
Electric stunning machine: Used for stunning poultry before killing, adjustable stunning voltage ensures an optimum state that keep living birds not dead but faint.
Bleeding trough: The trough is used for bleed poultry after they are slaughtered.
Scalder: Important equipment before plucking, which ensures adequate scalding effect, optimal plucking result and high quality hygiene.
Plucker: Mainly used for de-feathering poultry. Speed of each box can be adjusted respectively by frequency conversion.

poultry meat

Paraffin immersion machine: Used for melting the paraffin and coating the paraffin solution on the surface of duck or goose body evenly.
Paraffin chiller: Used for chilling and solidifying the paraffin that covered the surface of duck or goose.
Wax removing machine: Used for dewaxing duck or goose.
Neck cutter: Used for cutting the neck after plucking.
Feet cutter: The equipment is used for poultry claw cutting.
Feet unloader: A consistent and reliable means of unloading feet from the shackles on the production line.
Feet scalding machine: Used for scalding claw on the production line.
Feet peeling machine: This device is used for feet skin and nails removing, and poultry feet would not have any losses.
Evisceration: It is the procedure to remove the intestinal and recover the edible offal. The process can be completed with some manual pneumatic tools
Gizzard peeling machine: Used for skinning poultry gizzard, through the motor to drive strew stripping gizzards.
Carcass washing machine: Used for poultry carcass cleaning after eviscerating sector.

poultry slaughtering workshop

Auto poultry unloader: The equipment is used for automatically releasing poultry from overhead conveyor.
Spiral chiller: Used for cooling and sterilizing eviscerated carcass. Counter flow cooling, segmented assembly, frequency conversion and rapid fish out construction are adopted in this equipment. It meets the standard of food hygiene.
Carcass drying machine: It is used for draining and drying the carcass after pre-cooling.
Shackle washer: It is used for washing shackles through two counter-rotating nylon brushes and washing system.
Trolley and tray: For transporting and deep freezing the processed poultry, can be placed 8, 11, or 14 layers trays.



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