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Automatic Plate Type Food and Beverage Pasteurizer Introduction
Automatic plate type pasteurizer are designed for heating, pasteurization, holding and cooling of liquids like milk, juice and other beverages to prolong their shelf life. It aims to lower down the amount of living modified organisms and greatly decrease the possibility of diseases. It works in three methods such as: Intermittent pasteurized, High temperature pasteurized in short time and Ultra high temperature pasteurization. All these sterilizing technics are widely applied to dairy, fruit juice beverage, alcohol, chemical pharmaceutical, electricity and hotels, and etc.

Food and Beverage Pasteurization Equipment Features
beverage pasteurization▷ High quality stainless steel material, hygienic and durable.
▷ Low working temperature:60-80℃ for heating 20-30 minutes.
▷ Nutrition preserving-the least destroy of nutritions, can keep 3-10days in below 4℃.
▷ High automation, PLC controlling system to supervise whole pasteuring process.
▷ High energy saying, low consumption, compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
▷ Continuous killing harmful organisms. Can work independently and equipped with other food processing equipment.

Food and Beverage
Pasteurization System Structure

The whole sterilizing system is composed of feeding pipe, balanced barrel, hot water system, temperature controlling and recorder and electric controlling system. We offer customized service on plate and tube pasteurization equipment and other food pasteurization machinery.

food pasteurization

Pasteurization System Wide Application
Pasteurization equipment is to kill harmful organisms in food and beverage products. Pasteurization system is popular used in fresh milk, yoghout, ice cream, soymilk, jelly, pickled vegetables, juice, pure water, alcohol, meat product and so on. Heating milk for 30 minutes at the temperature below 60℃ or heating for 20 minutes at above 95℃.

Pasteurization Equipment Technical Data








 Production capacity

 2T/H  3T/H  4T/H  5T/H  10T/H  20T/H

Heat exchanging area

 15m*m  20m*m  25m*m  30m*m  55m*m  105m*m

Temperature of material inlet

 5℃   5℃   5℃   5℃   5℃  5℃

 Temperature of material outlet

  5℃   5℃   5℃   5℃   5℃   5℃

Sterilizing temperature

 85-95℃  85-95℃  85-95℃  85-95℃  85-95℃  85-95℃

 Ice water consumption


 3multiple  3multiple  3multiple  2multiple  2multiple

 Cooling water consumption

 2multiple  2multiple  2multiple  2multiple  2multiple  2multiple

 Energy consumption

 10kw  10kw  12kw  14kw  16kw  20kw

  Outline dimensions(mm)

 3500*1900*1880  3500*1900*1880  4500*1950*1880  4500*2000*1880  6500*2000*1880  6500*2000*1880

Get to Know Pasteurization
Pasteurization is a sterilization process for food and beverage. Our pasteurization equipment can kill harmful organisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi and yeast, and etc by heating.



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