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Some Knowledge About Microwave Puffing Machine
As a new technology of food manufacturing, microwave puffing technology is becoming widely use in food industry, especially in snack food sector. Microwave puffing machine makes microwave energy change into heat energy inside the matter, the water insider matter will absorb the heat energy to evaporate rapidly which forms high pressure, the pressure inside the matter will force the matter to puff. The technology of puffing by microwave can preserve nutrition of food to a maximum extent and reduce processing time, and make the technologies of puffing and drying and sterilizing at the same time.

microwave puffed food

The Principle of Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine

Microwave puffing technology makes the water molecule absorb the microwave energy through the radiation and conduction of electromagnetic energy, which makes the molecule move violently to gain kinetic energy. The gas temperature in the materials moves up sharply, when the rate of internal steam formation higher than migration rate, the materials will appear vapor pressure gradient phenomenon. When the pressure goes beyond the bearing capacity of organizational structure, the materials will be puffed quickly.
The heating time of microwave puffing technology is very short, which overcomes the oil content problem of the products. It’s the development direction of puffing technology, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, good quality, easy operation, economic space occupation, energy saving and environmentally protection. Therefore, microwave puffing technology has a promising prospect.

The Features of Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine
--Customized machine according to the technology of puffing pigskin. Unique microwave emission and lard collection device and mature experience in making counterpart equipment.
--Selecting the optimal material - food grade stainless steel
--Easy operation: PLC automatic controlling system and the human-computer interface operation
--Automatic control, the power and temperature are adjustable
--Workmanship: strictly implement the ISO 9001:2008 quality system standards, electric parts and lines in good order, convenient maintenance and strict quality inspection.

Microwave Puffing Equipment Components
Microwave generating system      ♧ Electrical system               ♧ Electrical control system
Microwave suppression system    ♧ Transmission system
Feeding and outlet device          ♧ Equipment support             ♧ Microwave chamber
Dehumidify system                   ♧ Independent electric cabinet Lard collection device.

Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine Technical Data






Microwave leakage


Continuous 380V/50Hz 2450±50MHz 8.0*1.1*1.7m ≤1(mw/ cm2)

Comparison between Fried Puffing and Microwave Puffing

 Puffing comparison

Fried Puffing

Microwave Puffing

Technological feature

Labor-intensive, high cost of grease

Continuous working, high efficiency, energy saving,
environmental protection

Oil content

Increase the oil content of product, high cost, affect the taste

Non-fried, reduce oil content

Energy source

Coal, natural gas

Electrical energy

Working environment

Too much lampblack, high ambient environment, poor sanitary conditions

Environmental protection, clean, seasonal normal temperature

Rehydration time

1-2 hours

2-3 minutes

Product quality

High oil content, poor taste and color, many nutrients lost

Puffed completely uniform,keep the original nutrients,
no grease,good taste,conductive to digestion and absorption




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