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  • Electric and Gas Chicken Rotisserie Electric and Gas Chicken Rotisserie

    Roasted chicken or mutton? Delicious! We offer stainless steel electric or gas chicken rotisserie.Poultry roasting machine is widely applied to commercial roasted food industry.

  • Gas Whole Pig and Sheep Roaster Gas Whole Pig and Sheep Roaster

    The gas sheep and pig roaster is made of stainless steel case design,equipped with 360° rotating hanging rack;high temperature resistance.Ideal for roasting food investment.

  • Pork Skin Peeling/Removing Machine Pork Skin Peeling/Removing Machine

    As professional supplier for meat procrssing machine,we can supply meat cutting machine,meat skin removing machine,meat grinding machine,meat tumbling machine,etc.With OEM service according to customer’s demands.

  • Poultry Meat Cutting Machine Poultry Meat Cutting Machine

    We offer high quality meat cutting and slicing machines such as poultry meat with bone cutting machine,meat slice cutting machine,meat strips cutting machine,etc.

  • Poultry Slaughtering Line Introduction Poultry Slaughtering Line Introduction

    Poultry slaughtering line is a series of high automation stream-lined processing equipment.Large capacity,easy operation.

  • Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine

    Microwave pigskin puffing machine is widely used for puffing meat,grains and making puffed food products.Easy operation,low energy consumption and ideal investment.

  • Brine Injecting Machine Brine Injecting Machine

    Brine injector machine is to inject salt water or saline to meat blocks evenly for making palatable meat products in meat processing plants.Easy operation and low cost.

  • Food and Beverage Pasteurization Equipment Food and Beverage Pasteurization Equipment

    Pasteurization equipment applied in food and beverage producing process is hygienic and easy operation.Low energy consumption and rational price.

  • Poultry Deboning Machine Poultry Deboning Machine

    Poultry deboning machine is to remove the bone from meat and make them better use for meat or bone products.

  • Automatic Bone Crushing Machine Automatic Bone Crushing Machine

    Bone crushing machine is to grind bone to small pieces with the broken range of 5-80 mm.Affordable and easy to operate.

  • Electric Bone Sawing Machine Electric Bone Sawing Machine

    Electric bone sawing machine is to cut meat in large capacity and offers people hygienic meat and bones for different use.Worth your investment.

  • Full-automatic Meat Smoke Oven Full-automatic Meat Smoke Oven

    Meat smoke machine is to process smoked flavor products such as meat,fish,bean products,sauce,vinegar and seasoning materials.Large capacity,high efficiency.

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