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  • Automatic Poultry Feather Removal Machine Automatic Poultry Feather Removal Machine

    Poultry feather plucker is to remove all poultry feather clearly and completely.Nice meat processing equipment.

  • Fish Deboning Machine Fish Deboning Machine

    Fish deboning machine is to remove fish bone and for fish products like fish balls,fish jam,fish tofu,etc.energy saving,nice investment choice.

  • Fish Skinning Machine Fish Skinning Machine

    Fish skinning machine is necessary for fish processing plants or industry.Large capacity,easy operation.

  • Fish Cutting Machine Fish Cutting Machine

    Fish cutting machine is to cut fish into small fish fillets and for further processing.Easy to operate and save energy.

  • Fish Scaling Machine Fish Scaling Machine

    Fish scaling machine is to remove fish scale from all types of fishes.Just put fish and water into the machine.Easy to operate.

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