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fish deboning machine

Fish Deboning Machine Introduction

The fish deboning machine is mainly designed to take fish flesh from fishes. It can separate the fish flesh from fish bones and fish skin. The fish deboner is easy to operate with high efficiency, which can save labor and time.

Fish Deboning Machine Application
The fish deboning machine is used to get fish flesh and remove fish skin and fish bones, thus can increase the economic value of low value fishes. The fish flesh can be made into fish balls, fish noodles, fish gelatin, fish dumplings and fish jam etc. The fish deboning machines are widely used in restaurants, fish ball factories, fish jam plants and other fish processing plants.

deboned fish

Fish Deboning Machine Features and Benefits
★The deboner is made of superior stainless steel, fitting the food hygienic standard.
★The machine is with high efficiency and great capacity.
★Simple design that ensures saving labor, time and cost.
★The pressure between rubber belt and extracting tank can be adjusted according to the fish size.

Fish Deboning Machine Working Process


Before deboning the fishes, you should cut off the fish heads and take out the fish entrails; for big fishes, you’d better separate them into two halves and clean them. Throw the processed fishes into the feeding hopper. The fishes enter into the extrusion area with the drive of rubber belt. By the extrusion force of rubber belt and extracting tank, the fish flesh enters into the extracting tank through the small holes and is sent out with the rotation. The fish skin and fish bones outside the tank are expelled out of the machine by the scraper.
Fish Deboning Machine Technical Parameters


Capacity Power Voltage Weight Dimension



2.2Kw 380V 250Kg


ALFD-280 300Kg/h 2.2Kw 380V 280Kg


Fish Meat Separator Machine Working Video

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