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Soybean Milk Making Machine Introduction

soymilk making machine Soybean milk making machine is commercially used for making large capacity of fresh soy milk efficiently. It can automatically process healthy soybean from various kinds of beans such as mung bean,grain,peanut and walnut;besides, soybean milk making machine can also process bean curd, colorful tofu, dried tofu and others instant bean products, thus it has wide application in hotels, restaurants, drinking shops, canteens and schools,etc. Tofu making machine is also offered here for different soybean products plants.

Soybean Milk Making Machine Features
☆Fully automatic. The whole soybean milk making process follows the predetermined data, stably and continuously.
☆High output. Adopts the most advanced grinding and boiling container, 20% more than common soymilk machine.
☆Nutrition maintenance. Closed grinding system,ultra-temperature boiling,supplies authentic soymilk.
☆Sanitary. 304 stainless steel meets hygiene standard and is easy to clean.
☆Simple to operate and high speed. 15-20 minutes can serve you fresh soybean milk.
☆Multifunctional. Work independently to make soymilk or equipped with soybean molding machine to make bean curd,tofu, dried soybean curd,etc.

Soybean Milk Making Machine Working Principle

soybean and milkSoybean milk machine integrates grinding and boiling and has high working efficiency. The grinding process ensures soybeans broken and fine enough, and at the same time, good homogeneous and emulsion effect. The airtight electrone ultra-temperature heating workmanship can make the milk boiling in above 100℃, which totally eliminates those harmful substances and unpleasant bean gamey smell, therefore it serves us palatable and nutrient soy milk.

Soybean Milk Making Machine Application

soymilk and beanWith the most worldwide grinding and boiling equipment matched, our soybean milk making machine is definitely your ideal investment choice for small soybean milk store, cold drinks store, small and medium Tofu plant, dinning room, hotel, restaurants, canteens, supermarket, to produce hot fresh soybean milk and bean curd.

How Much Do You Know about Soymilk
Soymilk, is also called soy juice, soya milk, soybean milk, or soy milk. Soy milk is originated in China, a typical Chinese food. Soymilk is rich in nutrition, easily digest and absorb. Soymilk contains about the same proportion of protein as cow’s milk:

Product info

Serving size


Calories from fat

Total fat

Saturated fat



 Total Carbonhydrate



Vitamin A

Vitamin  C Calcium Vitamin D Phosphorus
2% Lowfat  1 cup
120 45 5g 3g 20mg 125mg 12g 11g 8g 10% 4% 30% 25% 20%

drinking soybean milk
Soymilk Is the Ideal Food to Prevent Disease

☞high blood fat,
☞high blood pressure,
☞iron deficiency anemia,
☞asthma and other diseases.
Drinking soymilk can also prevent Alzheimer disease and cancer, enhance the capacity of resistance, and reduce the risk for heart disease.

Soybean Milk Making Machine Technical Parameters

Model Specified Voltage

Specified Power


Overall Size


Net Weight

Kettle Capacity


(electric type)

(electric type)



Stainless steel



380V/50HZ(electric type)
220V/50HZ (gas type)

15KW/H(electric type)
1.5KW/H(gas type)



Stainless steel 73Kg 60L

(gas type)

1.5KW/H (gas type)



Stainless steel 120Kg 125L

Operation Video of Soymilk Machine and Tofu Machine

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