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Sesame Peeling Machine Introduction

sesame peeling machine Sesame peeling machine is a special equipment for sesame peeling efficiently and automatically with no damage. It is driven by the gear shaft agitator rotating mixing for sesame hull removing and separating from kernel. It’s simple structure and easy to operate with high production efficiency and perfect product. This machine is an indispensable sesame processing machine. It can be used single or in processing lines.

Sesame Peeling Machine Features
1. Vertical and compact structure, special design, easy to clean and maintenance.
2. High peeling rate of 99%.
3. Small volume, nice appearance, easy to operate.
4. Convenient operation, low rate of repair and maintenance.
5. High production efficiency and perfect product.

Sesame Peeling Machine Structure and Working Process

sesame peeling plant

peeled sesame

The sesame peeling machine is mainly composed of deceleration gear box, composite agitator, separator, heater, and the import and export tube structure, etc. There are three stages to finish the peeling process: soaking, peeling and separating process.
☆In soaking process, heat the water to 50-60°, add some caustic soda to the water to soak the sesame. The special stirrer will rotate to make the sesames flip up and down, and the sesames soak in water totally. Soaking time is about 9 minutes.
☆In peeling process, the hull will removed from the kernel by the mutual friction between sesames to reach the purpose of sesame peeling. It needs about 3-5 minutes to peel completely.
☆In separating process, the stirrer rotates that the sesame skin and kernel will separate, the hull is discharged through the holes on the plate, while the kernel is sustained by the plate with sand hole.

Large Market of Sesame Seeds

sesame snack

sweet sesame food☆The sesame seed has a large market, it can be used in many industries and fields. Sesame seeds are commonly added to bakery and creative confectionery across the world. It can make high-grade pastries to improve the nutrition and flavor.
☆It’s also used as a kind of spices or condiments for some food to make the products look more beautiful and delicious.
☆Mostly, sesame seeds are a rich source of oil. Sesame oil is widely used in cooking and contains about 47 percent oleic and 39 percent lin-oleic acid.Sesame oil is one of the most stable vegetable oils, with long shelf life.
☆Sesame oil is used for massage and health treatments of the body (abhyanga and shirodhara) and teeth (oil pulling) in the ancient Indian ayurvedic system. Ayurveda views sesame oil as the most viscous of the plant oils and believes it may pacify the health problems associated with Vata aggravation.

Sesame Peeling Machine Technical Parameters







5 t/d 7.5kw 800kg


Sesame Peeling Machine Working Video

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