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battery sugarcane extractor

Battery Driven Sugarcane Juice Making Machine Introduction

Battery type sugarcane juice making machine is motivated by a 12V battery to extract juice from sugarcane stalks. Compared to manual and electric type juicers, Allance battery driven cane extractor is ready to use and convenient to operate, which more approaches to the fast pace modern life. Besides, authentic sugarcane juice or mixed juice with other fruits is also available. We can get abundant nutrients from just a glass of fruit juice.

Battery Sugarcane Juice Making Machine Features
1. Well-formed structure and design, SS material.
2. Rust-proof and anti-corrosion juicing part, hygienic.
3. Easy operation, low investment and high juice output.
4. Popular in city or town bazaar, self-employed shops or small sized juice plant.
5. Extract juice from sugarcane, ginger, apple, sorghum rod and corn stalk, etc.

How to Use Sugarcane Juice Making Machine?

stalks of sugarcan

* Cut off the top, end part and ouside coat of stalks before juicing.
* Crush sugarcane into two parts if the diameter is over 30mm to relieve juicer load.
* Shut off the power when heavy-load and press the reversal switch to pull out cane stalks.
* After extraction, timely clean the rollers and residues to keep juicer dry and clear.
* Add lubricant oil to extend juice machine working life.

cane juice

of Sugarcane Juice Nutrition

Sugarcane juice is a significant source of any essential vitamins or minerals, according to
the United States Department of Agriculture's Nutrient Database. Here is the demonstration.
* Sugar. The sugar in cane comprises of sucrose and fructose which can be easily digested by human body.
* Trace elements. Abundant in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, thiamine and riboflavin.
* Organic acid. Many kinds of amino acid, malic acid,citric acid and oxalic acid which do good for people.

Battery Sugarcane Juice Machine Technical Data






Net weight







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