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date pitting machine

Date Pitting Machine Introduction

Date pitting machine, as the name implies, is used to remove date pit from dates flesh without breaking the dates. With the adjustable pitting spaces, date pitting machine has been widely used for pitting different fruits such as dates, apricot, cherry, plum, olive, hawthorn, and etc.

Why Choose Our Date Pitting Machine?
The Popularity of Date Pitting Machine
Fruit pitting is the preliminary stage for fruit further processing, thus fruit kernel removing machine is necessary equipment in most fruit processing industry including canned fruits, candied dates, and bagged dates processing plants which are all used the pitted fruits.

pitted fruit

Our Date Pit Removing Machine
We offer date pitting machine and other fruit processing equipment at unbeatable price and you are totally optional for pitting machine material according to your budget and special demand.

pitted date★ Date Pitting Machine Features
☆ Automatically pitting and separating, easy to operate.
☆ Adjustable roller spaces to ensure integral pitted fruits.
☆ The parts contact to fruit pulp parts are made of stainless steel material, hygiene.
☆ Adjustable diameter range from 10-34 mm.
☆ High pitting efficiency, large processing capacity.
☆ Multiple function, can pit dry & green fruits by different models.

Date Pitting Machine Structure

Mainly composed of conveyor and the punch-pin, date pitting machine has the unique design. The conveyor is a belt with hundreds of thousands dots which can be adjusted based on different fruits. It brings the fruits upward to the punch-pin place. The punch-pin pit them line by line and fruit flesh and cores are separated from two discharging holes. The whole pitted process takes a few minutes and you can clearly see the pitted fruits-integrated and clean.

Date Pitting Machine Technical Data


Rate of pitter




Apricot pitter




67200 pcs/h

Cherry pitter




98400 pcs/h

Plum pitter




79200 pcs/h

Date pitter





Olive pitter




57600 pcs/h

Hawthorn pitter




43200 pcs/h

Dates Pitting Machine Working Video

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