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Fried Potatoes Recipe

Fried Potatoes Recipe

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Fried potatoes are the perfect finger food. This is not the only way to make fried potatoes, but it is a good way to start. Those home-fried potatoes are better than any you’d get a roadside food.

The ingredients of fried potatoes
Potatoes, 400g; salt, 5g; black pepper, 1 tablespoon; rosemary, two spoonfuls; thyme, two spoonfuls; vanilla, two spoonfuls; garlic, one; pepper(red and dry); butter, 10g; olive oil, a spoonful.

How to cook fried potatoes

delicious fried potatoes

Washed the small potatoes without peeled, cut into chunks. Gather a variety of ingredients, and steam the potatoes well.
Crushed the garlic and removed the herb stems; heat up a saucepan, and pour a little olive oil.
Fried the steamed potatoes slowly in the saucepan until golden on both sides, and plus a pieces of butter.
After waiting for butter melt in fragrance, add salt, black pepper and garlic for seasoning.
Finally sprinkle with fresh chopped herbs and dried herbs, crushed pepper and mix them well.
Then you can enjoy them with you family or friends.

Tips of fried potatoes

fried potatoes

▼ If you put the potatoes in the pan too early, they will soak up oil and become saturated with oil.
▼ More than one out of every three kitchen fires is caused by accidents with hot oil.
▼ When you put the oil over the flame, it must heat up until it is hot enough to fry the potatoes.
▼ If you are not confident you know how to fry potatoes, have someone who knows teach you.