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Cheese Pizza with Peanuts Bacon

Pizza is a kind of Italian food, but now it has became global snacks. The recipe is very simple, and easy to operate. With excellent flavors, it has become the love of consumers in all countries.


Health Effects:
♥Bacon: dilate blood vessels, protect the nervous system, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.
♥Green beans: spleen qi, heat-clearing and detoxicating.
♥Olive oil: rich in calories and fat.
The Ingredients of Cheese Pizza with Peanuts Bacon


★The main ingredients
Bacon 3 pieces; green beans 80g; roasted peanuts 50g; cheese 60g ;
★The accessories
Olive oil 5g; chili sauce; red pepper; yeast 1g; tomato sauce 2 tbs;
water 55g ; sugar 5g ; salt 1/4 tbs
How to Cook Cheese Pizza with Peanuts Bacon
1.Put the water into the flour, add sugar, salt and yeast, stir with chopsticks, form loose shape, and let stand for 10 minutes.
2.Add olive oil, and slowly rub the oil into dough, put the smooth dough into a container, covered with damp gauze, then place a warm place to ferment.
3.Until the dough is 2.5 times as large as before, roll into a round pie( its diameter is larger than pizza tray for 2 cm), cover with gauze, place in refrigerator for half an hour stereotypes
4.Cut the bacon into 1cm small cubes, wash the red pepper then chop, put the green beans into boiling water to blanch 2 minutes.
5.Another pot, put a little olive oil, when oil heat, add 1tbs chili sauce. Pour into blanch green beans, stir-fry until the skin wrinkled, remove and set aside.
6.Take out crust finalized, cut 1/3 cheese into shred, pave at the edge of the the crust, gently flatten. Pull up the edge of the crust inward snapping, put the pizza crust into the tray, stab some holes with a fork in the crust.
7.Smear a layer of tomato sauce on the crust, sprinkle 1/3 cheese, evenly covered with fried green beans and bacon, sprinkle with remaining shredded cheese.
8.Finally, sprinkle a layer of roasted peanuts and red peppers, bake in the preheated oven (450 degrees F) for 15-20 minutes.